Cheers! We have a new website

news: 2009-11-29. 17:15 — c knutsson + m reidal

We are proud to launch our new webiste. Our game is finally out there for you to experience, in stores, at home and now here on this new jolly good website.

The idea is very simple, we want this to be a place where you can browse and buy our products, where we can keep telling a story, and expand it together with you.

Now that the pillars are in place we will keep filling these areas with ideas, rules, historic facts, free scenarios and try to keep a dialog going with you. We have a lot of content in the pipeline, that will be posted during december.

There are still some small features to be added or tweaked, rss for the log, evaluating the shop solution and so on. If you have any ideas or smart suggestions, just add a comment below.

Thank you, keep calm and carry on!

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How about making PDF posters of Keep Calm and Carry On and Can Evil be Stopped in Time for Tea? I wouldn't mind having a few of those. :-) I love the Life Board, by the way.

2009-11-25. 14:11

We aim to please

— M Reidal
2009-11-25. 15:17

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