Last of the first LifeBoards

news: 2014-06-30 20.56 — c knutsson

The first print run of the LifeBoard has come to an end. We are about to ship the last two copies to customers in the USA. This means that the LifeBoards can no longer be ordered. Bon voyage! - - -

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Preparing for GothCon — Main Rulebook first edition out of stock

news: 2012-03-24 18:15 — c knutsson

We are busy preparing for GothCon XXXVI here in Göteborg during Easter. We will finally have a the O:FR Game Master Screen for sale at the convention and later here online, be sure to check out a preview here. On another note; except a few "print-misfits" of the Main Rulebook that we will be selling at the convention at a discount price the first edition is out of stock. Be aware that we are currently developing an new extended version. - - -

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A Jolly Good convention!

news: 2011-05-02 21:57 — m reidal

As always Gothcon lived up to its promise of being the best Swedish role playing event of the year. For us it meant a big tournament with 44 teams playing the scenario/tournament Singapore Sling. We also introduced Major Burt Brownings weapon cards and sold a lot of them. - - -

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Kann das böse rechtzeitig zum tee aufgehalten werden?

news: 2011-04-16 12:05 — m reidal

We are very proud to announce that a German version of Operation: Fallen Reich will be released in October. The company 13 Mann will run production, distribution and marketing in Germany. - - -

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NO Technical difficulties!

news: 2010-08-24 15:19 — c knutsson

Update: 2010-08-25. We are now approved by Paypal and back in business!

Paypal are restricting are account at the moment, so we can NOT receive payments. This is of course standard procedure for them, but not funny at all for us. We're trying to resolve the issue as speedily as possible, if you are interested in buying our product in the meanwhile just email:
- - -

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We'll Be There

news: 2010-08-17 12:12 — c knutsson

SydCon 2010: Malmö 20–22 Augusti. Convention season is here! We’ll of course be attending SydCon in Malmö, Sweden this coming weekend. - - -

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We would like to thank the jury

news: 2010-04-19. 21.02 — c knutsson

Now that the dust and excitement of GothCon XXXIV has settled, we have to mention that we have been voted the best roleplaying game of 2009 in sweden, by the readers of the game magazine Fenix. Thank you! - - -

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Jolly Good Gaming!

news: 2010-04-05. 13:57 — m reidal + c knutsson

Thank you all for a brilliant GothCon XXXIV. We had a fun time showing our game and it was great hearing all your thoughts. We are so keen on getting to work giving you even more of O:FR, but first a nice cuppa and some thoughts. Keep checking this site, use the RSS feed or join the Facebook group for more updates in the very near future. - - -

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Meet us at Gothcon XXXIV

news: 2010-03-29 11:11 — m reidal

We are loading up for GothCon XXXIV, there will be lots of O:FR activity this Easter weekend, April 2—4. - - -

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Vote for us!

news: 2010-02-08. 14:11 — c knutsson

We want(need) you! Go vote for best Swedish role playing game of 2009 on - - -

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Occult badminton?

news: 2010-02-03. 22.41 — c knutsson

New issue of Fenix! ( Some very nice campaign material for O:FR and a scenario competition with the Main Rulebook and the Lifeboard as grand prize, check out the latest issue for details. - - -

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Big Trouble in Little London

news: 2009-12-23. 23:09 — c knutsson

Don't miss the latest issue of Fenix (nr 6, 2009), besides the other great content there's a full 16-page O:FR scenario. - - -

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’Tis the season to be jolly?

news: 2009-12-21. 16:15 — c knutsson + m reidal

This is the first Christmas for Fallen Publishing and we are very excited indeed. We have shipped our first product and you seem to like it — what more could we ask for this jolly holiday. If you are looking for that special gift this season look no further - - -

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Cheers! We have a new website

news: 2009-11-29. 17:15 — c knutsson + m reidal

We are proud to launch our new webiste. Our game is finally out there for you to experience, in stores, at home and now here on the this new jolly good website. - - -

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More Royal Mail

news: 2009-11-12. 12:03 — c knutsson

Sending out a few more pre-orders today. - - -

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We have started to deliver

news: 2009-11-11. 11:11 — c knutsson

The first store, the very nice Goblin Games in Göteborg, got its copies of O:FR today... - - -

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We are loving SSK!

news: 2009-10-31. 23.34 — c knutsson

Another brilliant day at Stockholmsspelkonvent. Thanks everyone for the feedback and welcome. We feel that our product has been well received and we are very proud. You guys even bought a bunch of copies. - - -

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