7.50 From Victoria

inspiration: 2010-06-10 15:04 — c knutsson

We are very proud to present a scenario not produced by Fallen Publishing. 7.50 From Victoria begins in London and takes the characters on a journey, suitable as a kick-off according to the author Totte Alm.

Totte has made some other great material for O:FR so go check it out at http://4eyes.code66.se/

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Härligt Totte! Kan även passa på och säga att detta uppdrag var riktigt bra och jag och de andra spelarna hade riktigt roligt under tiden vi spelade!

— Simon
2010-06-13. 10:27

I've updated the adventure with one errata (typo). *SPOLIER - STOP READING IF YOU WILL PLAY * The L23 has 6, not 16 as attack value for the steam.

2010-06-14. 23:30

I have added three more adventures to little collection at http://4eyes.code66.se/. Cricket & Crocodiles Wicked Times - All Guns Blazing Wicked Times - The Summer Of '39 Enjoy! / Totte

2010-09-26. 17:24

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