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products: 2009-11-19. 12:34 — c knutsson

We are always planning new things for O:FR. But here we want to know what you think. Use the comment field below, please.

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Are you interested in having nice printed Character Sheets to buy or is downloadable PDFs just fine?

2009-11-24. 0:30

I want real characters sheets

— Kalle
2009-11-24. 23:44

I think a PDF will do just fine since the character creation on the Life Board has a very stronh hold on my group who believes it's Gods gift to roleplaying and many sheets are needed. Besides character sheets I also would like to see a lot of scenarios and campaigns. Maybe even a more in-depth book about the Paranormal and the Fallen. Not sure if that's a realistic idea though.

2009-11-29. 21:38

As a part of Mr Roberts' group I testify that the previously standing information is, in fact, correct. It must surely be Gods greatest gift to mankind aside from tea! But yes, aside from our miserable failure at completing the campaign that comes with the rulebook I certainly am eager to see new ones! I don't think "real" character sheets would be such a great idea as a lot of players tend to be pretty brutal when writing on them, leaving them unable to be reused, and thus not very economically beneficial compared to a simple printable PDF. Sheets you put up on sale also takes time to get delivered, and sometimes you simply do not have that time before playing.

— Mr Hall
2009-11-30. 20:04

Yeah, I would not buy char sheets in a shop but much rather download them. If you put up ones which I could compete digitally that would be even more awesome!

2009-12-21. 12:29

i would kill for a nice tea cup that says \"could evil be stopped in time for tea?\"

— daniel kvist
2010-01-14. 0:51

I say, my good man, what a splendid idea! I second this here Daniel's suggestion - I would most definately pay a sizeable part of my fortune for such a cuppa.

2010-02-25. 13:12

I third that motion!

2010-03-01. 0:56

It might seem odd, bordeing on the bisarre, but I would actully apreciate a module of some sort that gave a summary of the events leading up to, and constituting WWII. This is probably the most written-about subject of the twentieth century, but even so I would enjoy a version adapted to the players and the Game Masters, to make it easier to know how to use current events, and create the feel of War... That is: brief summaries of major events, interesting operations, and suchlike, all in order to help the roleplayers to feel as a real part of the biggest struggle in the history of mankind- but of course in the O:FR-way.

— Jenin
2010-03-17. 8:17

A nice GM-screen would be splendid!

— M
2010-04-08. 17:29

GM-screen coming up!

2010-04-08. 19:45

More weapons and vehicles! And an opportunity for O:FR-players to contribute with their own scenarios, weapons, characters and more. That would be jolly good!

— Mord
2010-04-16. 14:47

We are actually working on a deck of weapon cards hopefully it will be ready at the same time as the GM-screen.

— Reidal
2010-04-20. 8:48

I'd love to see an interactive version of the character sheet, i.e. a pdf with fields that would actually be possible to edit in Adobe or something like that. My handwriting is worse than a second-year medical resident you see...

2010-07-16. 9:43

I'd also love to see the scenario generator as an Android app!

2010-08-11. 13:05

Already done: http://www.fallen.se/bulletin-board/log/690/paranoid-android

2010-08-11. 13:13

Hello, I wonder if there are any plans of a new print of the lifeboard edited with the newest erata? (Talking about the nearest half year or so). Thanks for a great great game!

— R of Locklsley
2010-08-15. 11:18

I would love to see more scenarios, maybe even a campaign. All this in a nice thick book.

2010-10-23. 8:26

An adventure regarding the abdication of his (former) majesty, perhaps? Considering the scandalous affairs of the time, with him being accused of aiding and sympathising with The Huns. Such an investigation must proceed quietly of course, outside the prying noses of the blasted journalists, but given the advantages of HM being found guilty… Why not add an unscrupulous HRH who will seek to tamper with the evidence to make the future queen seem tainted as well – all to the greater glory of England, of course. And if said HRH is a prominent and vocal Tory? Beg pardon. I ramble. rnrnOr perhaps you would consider a sourcebook on fascist Rome, and the Sicilian issues. The Mediterranean is after all a haven of strange practises and odd scholars. Who could be recruited for the good of the empire? Who is an informer? What socialite twit could be contacted to harbour the glorious investigators? More importantly – are there any lesser evil fallen that could be used against The Hun?rnrnLastly I would crave, given the foreign office affairs of late, that you in some future adventure throw in an opened number of cables from the colonial president to His Grace, the 7th duke of Marlborough, detailing his vicious plans to dismantle the empire, and His Graces grudging admission of the presidents power to do so. What does a right thinking Englishman (or indeed a loyal Scot) think of such near treacherous outrage on behalf of His Grace, the Prime minister?

2010-12-16. 8:40

I say, this communications system is dastardly tricky. Could some kind heart untangle my blastad former post? The "rnrn" are supposed to be clear lines. Thank you.

2010-12-16. 8:42

Maps! I've scoured the net looking for a map of 1937 Germany. I'd definitely buy it if you could release a box of maps covering the development of the region. Supplemented by a nice atlas, of course, and suggestions on how the Fallen follow the progression of the war.

2011-01-24. 16:40

Maps are a very good idea. This is definitely something we will look into.

2011-01-25. 19:36

I would just love a sourcebook about the Russian Bear, our dearly loved and hated friend and foe, The Soviet Union. What’s hiding in Kremlin? Does Stalin have something similar to the O:FR? Or perhaps Stalin and the top of the CPSU aren’t what they appear to be… I don’t know, but I would indeed like to know.

2011-02-13. 22:33

Being absolutely hooked on the Life Board, I feel as though I've drafted most every combination possible for acharacter by now. I'd actually like to see some new Start and Destiny Cards. I'm still making unique and quirky characters, of course, but some things do seem to pop up far to often.

2011-04-16. 8:49

I would actually love to see a more abstract Life Board that could be used for any game at all. It

2011-05-06. 12:33

I'd love an update of the O:FR Scenario Generator with more of everything. Some things seems to pop up quite often when randomizing a scenario. :) The more the better I say. Also, new weapon cards would be nice.

— k7e9
2011-07-13. 10:23

It's been very quiet on the website for a while now. Some news perhaps?

2011-10-13. 10:41

So, GM screen? Januari?

2011-12-12. 12:01

Dear Sirs! Given the technological prowess so eloquently displayed in the mobile graphical user interaction application that spawns advetnture ideas, I propose a release of the so informative Major Burt Browning's Military Weapons Cards pt. 1 in a similar format. As I am a busy man the ease of access, available through the modern communications wonders, would significantly reduce time and effort to aquire the before mentioned documentation. Ta ta, M.

2012-01-15. 19:12

Dear Monty, this is a marvelous idea. As a matter a fact this is already in production. But luckily not a priority to our Gamemaster Screen. Let's hope we can put it together before GothCon 2012. Thanks for the input.

2012-01-22. 17:38

Mr. C. Knutson et.al. Thank you Sir for your prompt and succinct response. It is a pleasure to see thoughts popping up at different places, yet the ideas coincide. Let's see if the following resonate with equal phase. I truly believe it would be a wonderful idea if someone, not necessarily the esteemed gentlemen of Fallen Publishing, to produce and make available a LaTeX document class template, for the production of splendid looking game materials. I am a user of the tool, but unfortunately lacking the necessary skills to advance it. Keep up the good work, M.

2012-02-01. 8:39

I was much saddened to see that O:FR is now 'out of print' - when is it likely to return to physicality, and is there anything fans can do to hasten that process?

2012-06-02. 0:54

Toodle do! Your always humble servant wish to make another, yes, suggestion. How about a save mechanism for your next version of the remarkable Scenario Generator? Ta, ta/Monty

2012-07-10. 11:30

Could we please have the second scenario, Big trouble in little london as downloadable content

2012-08-10. 9:59

Scenario No. 2 "Big Trouble in Little London" is coming very soon to the site. I spent some time today making a full colour version of the original black and white.

2012-08-15. 15:36

I've just discovered this intriguing game to find that although the core rules are available via Drive Though RPG. The life board is no longer available. Is there any word on if or when the life board may be reprinted?

— WelshMat
2014-07-09. 16:15

As with WelshMat, I have by chance come across this game only to find its main components sold old. Is there any chance of reprints of main rule book and life board? Plllleeeaase!

2014-08-18. 16:14

What about Scenario No. 2 "Big Trouble in Little London"?

2014-09-28. 14:40

I suggest you sell the Life Board as high definition printable PDF including cards. It will not be like the real thing, but still...

2015-09-12. 9:39

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