Royal agents: Sweet Zombie a video game

products: 2017-10-08 23.20 — c knutsson

We made a small video game. It's called Royal Agent: Sweet Zombie. It's not strictly Fallen-canon but you'll recognise a lot of the tone and style. Have a look... - - -

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Free shipping during december -- on selected items

products: 2013-12-04 09.57 — c knutsson

As a small gift to you all during december we will be offering free shipping worldwide on two of our products; Game Master Screen and the Weapon Cards Pt1. - - -

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Ancient Anger Awakes In Part 1 Of A New Campaign

products: 2013-08-04 18.55 — c knutsson

The 13 Orphans is the first part of a three scenario campaign called Ancient Anger. Now available for digital purchase and download. The agents find them selves once again in the British countryside -- where the homely hamlet of Dorexter is disturbed by a small community of facists that needs investigation. - - -

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Totte's Corner -- a collection of scenarios

products: 2013-05-10 20.58 — c knutsson

UPDATE May 12, 2013: All LINKS are now FIXED. Thanks for your patience. We are privaliged to present an extended series of scenarios written by Totte Alm. These are not official Fallen Publishing scenarios but the body of work and the level of fun gameplay is something that we feel honored to celebrate by making them more available to all O:FR fans. - - -

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Work is in progress

products: 2013-01-29 06.13 — m reidal

While our new realises has been scarce lately we have by no means been inactive. Right now we are working on a second edition. This edition will have more or less the same basic rules but we will add a lot of background material. There will be descriptions of social classes, living standards, states, languages, tech-levels etc. together with tons of ideas for new scenarios. There will also be more background material and company descriptions for the O:FR organisation. We hope to provide Game Masters and players with a very extensive feeling for life, politics and adventure in 1939 Europe. - - -

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A Jolly Good Holiday. And A Gift for You.

products: 2012-12-23 19.17 — c knutsson

We just wanted to wish you all a good and warm holiday where ever you are. Even though it's frowned upon giving knives as a gift this is what we are doing this season. You are all receiving a special gift in the shape of three knives, the well-designed and crafted Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, the brutal and unforgiving Knuckle Duster knife and an all handy pocket knife. Go a head and download it together with some free samples of our Weapon Cards. - - -

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Buddhist statue found by Nazis is from space

products: 2012-12-20 11.48 — c knutsson

Sometimes I run into an article by chance and wonder if the author is planning a O:FR scenario or if it is an actual piece of journalism. Buddhist Iron Man found by Nazis is from Space is a wonderful example of this. Read and enjoy all the elements that makes this not only a wonderfull story but also a perfect set up for a gaming session. - - -

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GothCon Scenarios available

products: 2012-12-06 21:53 — c knutsson

I just want to remind everyone that we have uploaded all the three most recent GothCon scenarios. Mord, Mysterier & Midshirebor from 2010, Singapore Sling from 2011 and this years Arvsfiender. All can be downloaded for free over at the Product section. They are only available in swedish. - - -

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Main Rulebook Version 2

products: 2012-08-08 16:31 — c knutsson

Three years ago we released our first products here at Fallen Publishing. We have been working to improve them everyday since. When we realized that we would actually be able to sell all of our 400 first copies of the Main Rulebook, we started to make plans for the next step. Should we print more of the same thing or should we improve? We feel it's time to improve the Main Rulebook but we also need to extend our reach as a roleplaying game publisher. - - -

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What's your name?

products: 2012-08-01 12:22 — c knutsson

Tired of holding that umbrella over the picnic party, well here's a little summer treat for you all. A British Gentleman and Lady Name Generator. With this splendid and clever little machine you will never be without a name for you characters or british NPCs. Generate away! - - -

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Game Master Screen for sale

products: 2012-04-08 18:25 — c knutsson

Finally we can offer all of you the Operation: Fallen Reich Game Master Screen for sale here online. We have been using it at GothCon 2012 and playing a few scenarios, it really adds to the atmosphere and keeps the game flowing smooth. - - -

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New Product: Weapon Cards

products: 2011-05-04 13:24 — c knutsson

Introducing Major Burt Browning's Military Weapon Cards. Part 1: The Early War Years. 55 cards of different military WW2 weapons from the first years of the conflict. Classics British legends like SMLE and Webley are mixed with treacherous Nazi silenced pistols and crappy Italian machineguns. Buy now! - - -

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Handbound Scenario Sold Out

products: 2011-03-16 21:35 — c knutsson

Congratulations Reto Marc Kiefer from Wiesenbaden, Germany! You just bought the last unique version of the handbound edition of Scenario No. 3 "Tennis, Terror & Tricky Birds". - - -

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Products: 2010-11-28 — C Knutsson

Lars Törnfeldt has helped us put together a reference list of languages of the early 1900. We have sorted it according LifeBoard areas, you can view the result as an online list or download as a PDF. - - -

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Is Oxford more than Academia and Tea?

products: 2010-05-30. 21:55 — c knutsson

Not according to some, and who needs anything else. The file on The Mailmen is now available for you to study. So time to get to know another company of Operation: Fallen Reich. - - -

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Handbound edition

products: 2010-05-17 18:42 — c knutsson

We just released a special handbound edition of scenario no.3 Tennis, Terror and Tricky Birds. This 16-page booklet is of highest quality paper and sewn together with thread of silk. We are only making 40 of these, so get you numbered version now. - - -

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Colourful Companies

products: 2010-04-30. 00:22 — A Andrews

We are so excited to present an small peek into the complex organisation of the actual Operation: Fallen Reich. Built upon independent companies with one central governing body these odd bands of characters make up a very special force of the empire, O:FR. Learn more about them in our Field Manual series presented by me, Doctor Archibald Andrews - - -

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Paranoid Android

products: 2010-04-05. 01:09 — c knutsson

Now all of you using an Android phone can use the smart and clever Operation: Fallen Reich Scenario Generator. Just use the Android Market and search for ‘Fallen Reich’ or ‘Scenario Generator’. - - -

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It's Important To Mix It Up

products: 2010-03-16. 13:49 — M Reidal

Don’t forget to mix the destiny and start cards before start using the Life Board. The cards were made in batches just to keep the process under control. - - -

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There's an App for that

products: 2010-02-23. 13:13 — c knutsson

Since we have learned from intelligence gathered by the Central Library that Winston Churchill in fact was an avid iPhone user we set out to create the first official O:FR iPhone app. - - -

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Game on. New free scenario

products: 2010-02-18. 18:55 — c knutsson

Download our new free scenario for O:FR, little tea but a lot of tennis. If you're up for it. - - -

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Anyone For Tennis Teaser

products: 2010-01-19. 19.29 — c knutsson

Just wanted to drop a teaser on some upcoming O:FR material. We have been busy writing scenarios and soon an official Fallen Publishing scenario will be released here on - - -

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Our Gift to You: a Free Scenario

products: 2009-12-25. 17.12 — c knutsson

We got a very nice gift from Gunnar Söderberg of Rollspelsbaren. Sadly we can't share it with you yet, but we can give you another very nice gift from the same source. - - -

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Upcoming Products

products: 2009-11-19. 12:34 — c knutsson

We are always planning new things for O:FR. But here we want to know what you think. - - -

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