New Product: Weapon Cards

products: 2011-05-04 13:24 — c knutsson

Introducing Major Burt Browning's Military Weapon Cards. Part 1: The Early War Years. 55 cards of different military WW2 weapons from the first years of the conflict. Classics British legends like SMLE and Webley are mixed with treacherous Nazi silenced pistols and crappy Italian machineguns.

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YESS!!! EPIC!! Nu är det bara en spelledarskärm, fler utrustningskort och äventyr 2 i handbunden version som saknas för att detta ska vara det mest episka Rollspelet på marknaden!

2011-05-05. 10:56

The cards look splendid, just right. Thank you.

2011-07-05. 15:47

Thank You Olle! That warms our heart. I will got on that Game Master Screen Adam.

2011-07-05. 16:07

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