See you at GothCon 2014

inspiration: 2014-03-05 19.34 — c knutsson

The yearly highpoint we all call GothCon is closing in upon us. Come join all you friends and O:FR agents in some tomb-searching this Easter weekend in April. So go and read the brief and report for duty! - - -

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Facebook just got more royal

inspiration: 2013-08-27 07.45 — c knutsson

We have had a facebook page since 2008 (!), where we have made small updates and announcements. But we wanted to change up the pace and we have started being more active and posting more frequently, we will be moving all inspiration and product features to Facebook (also publishing the bigger announcements here on of course). So if you are interested please join us at the Operation: Fallen Reich facebook page. - - -

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Ken and Robin talk about Fallen (at least the design)

inspiration: 2013-08-02 18.33 — c knutsson

In the latest episode of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff game designer and writer Kenneth Hite and Robin D Laws discusses graphic design of RPGs, and we have a mention of Operation: Fallen Reich. Give it a listen, there's more reasons than just Fallen Reich. Great stuff. - - -

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Pages from a sketch book drawn during World War 2

inspiration: 2013-05-28 10.11 — c knutsson

An amazing collection of comics drawn by a GI during World War 2. Love the one that says "So this is England! - - -

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Lighthearted Skulls

inspiration: 2013-03-01 08.25 — c knutsson

While working on some character portraits for the new material, I remembered this lighthearted skit about the SS uniforms. I like the way Mitchell and Webb takes a modern semiotic interpretation and applies it to an older cultural context, they are experts in this. Have a look at some of the other WW2 material they have done, this for instance. - - -

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The Dark City -- photos of London 1930

inspiration: 2013-01-11 14.34 — c knutsson

More Fallen inspiration, this time we go back to our dear England. Presenting images of a dark and empty London published by "The Library Time Machine" a blog of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Library Service. The seem to be full of mystery -- meet you for a pint at The Blue Dog! - - -

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New year, new inspiration material (in swedish)

inspiration: 2013-01-06 15.09 — c knutsson

"In great secret SS leader Heinrich Himmler obtained the castel Wewelsburg in the early 1930s. The goal was to create an ideological centre for the SS and in the long perspective build a foundation for the holy capital of the Aryan elite of the third reich." -- This is the introduction to this radio show about Wewelsburg, from Sveriges Radion P1. Very informative, go listen (in swedish). - - -

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The British Occult Secret Service

inspiration: 2012-12-15 15.43 — c knutsson

I had to share this article with you all -- The British Occult Secret Service. It's hard to describe it -- it's more of a fantastic story than an article. From Sir Francis Walsingham (father of British Secret Service, beautifully portraid by actor Geoffrey Rush in the movie Elisabeth from 2007) , to sexual orgies of the Hellfire Club, to Ian Flemming's clandestine and occult plans during World War 2. - - -

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Uniforms In The Red Army

inspiration: 2012-12-10 08.45 — c knutsson

Another great visual inspiration piece. Uniforms In The Red Army: "This is an interesting list of Russian military men and their uniforms from the 20s of the twentieth century till the end of the Second World War." - - -

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Vintage Japanese Industrial Expo Posters

inspiration: 2012-12-07 23:32 — c knutsson

I just found this blog post, filled with beautiful Japanese posters from 1920s to 1940s. - - -

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A Brilliant Mind

inspiration: 2012-08-14 00:31 — c knutsson

One of our heroes Alan Turing was truly a special mind, to celebrate the sharp cryptoanalyst and the father of Computer Science on what would have been his 100th year we recommend this story of Alan Turing. It's inspirationally told by the team at Radiolab. Definetly worth a listen. - - -

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Ken and Robin Talk about stuff

inspiration: 2012-08-06 21:57 — c knutsson

If you are interested in contemporary rpg game design and cultural curiosity this new podcast is perfect for you -- Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. This session with game designers and writers Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws was very inspiring and informative. Ken introduces his new rpg Night's Black Agents, a spy thriller with vampires. Robin gives travel advise and I just added Sir John Soane's Museum to my “must experience”-list. Don't miss the last segment where Robin lets Ken loose as the Consulting Occultist where he walks very familiar O:FR ground talking about the The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Ken gives a brief history and analysis but also has time to compare early 20th century spiritual and occult leaders to game designers and LARP creators. - - -

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The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

inspiration: 2012-03-06 16:41 — c knutsson

This poster has always been at the heart of inspiration for Operation: Fallen Reich. Not only in its clean, beautiful and iconic design. But also for its message and focus on the message. Here's a very nice video on the story behind the poster. - - -

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inspiration: 2011-11-05 18.20 — c knutsson

I just came back from a car trip to Holland, Belgium and France. Normandy was the focus of the trip — and though the main reasons were Cider, Calvados and Pommeau — a day was spent with WW2 memorials. I have uploaded some images for your pleasure, please give me more recommendations for my next visit. - - -

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Portrait Gallery

inspiration: 2011-10-19 13:45 — c knutsson

We just created the O:FR Portrait Gallery. In this gallery you'll be able to download pictures to use for characters, npc or just for inspiration. All images are released with a creative commons license, share and share a like.

We have planned a gallery for a long time, but we got so inspired by Magnus Edlund's blog post. He graciously approved that we used his old photographs as reference for our first batch of pictures. - - -

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7.50 From Victoria

inspiration: 2010-06-10 15:04 — c knutsson

We are very proud to present a scenario not produced by Fallen Publishing. 7.50 From Victoria begins in London and takes the characters on a journey, suitable as a kick-off according to the author Totte Alm. Jolly good job, old chap! - - -

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Fancy, fancy Phone

inspiration: 2010-03-19. 15.23 — c knutsson

To celebrate the release of our Scenario Generator iPhone App we would like to give away some nice iPhone backgrounds, check them out and download. - - -

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Visiting the Wizard

inspiration: 2010-02-26. 18:20 — m reidal

Tomorrow, Saturday 27th of Febuary we will run a demo at Wizard-games in Gothenburg (Map). Drop in between 12—4 to make a character and have a quick test of the system. - - -

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No Panic, please.

inspiration: 2009-07-09 10:34 — c knutsson

Here at Fallen we hold the ideals of "Keep Calm and Carry On" very close to our anglophile hearts. So we would just like to send a warning to you all, and that is to stay away from this modern reaction. - - -

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More Movies

inspiration: 2008-04-30. 16.01 — m reidal

As we were mentioning movies, there a few we can recommend for getting the right small scale mission feeling, a sense about the WW2 era and insight in British thinking. Some even got an occult touch. - - -

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The occult history of the Third Reich, a documentary

inspiration: 2008-04-30. 14:23 — m reidal

If you want a feel about what’s The Fallen Reich is all about we recommend the excellent DVD; ”The occult history of the Third Reich”. When we saw this documentary 3 years ago it was a bit scary. - - -

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