The British Occult Secret Service

inspiration: 2012-12-15 15.43 — c knutsson

I had to share this article with you all -- The British Occult Secret Service. It's hard to describe it -- it's more of fantastic a story than an article. From Sir Francis Walsingham (father of British Secret Service, beautifully portraid by actor Geoffrey Rush in the movie Elisabeth from 2007) , to sexual orgies of the Hellfire Club, to Ian Flemming's clandestine and occult plans during World War 2.

It almost feels like the article is a backstory written for Operation: Fallen Reich. It gave me a new and fascinating -- to say the least -- source of material in the New Dawn Magazine. This is taken from their mission statement:

From lost civilisations and ancient wisdom, to secret societies and higher states of consciousness, New Dawn is a fascinating blend of mysteries, esotericism, spirituality and healing. Each thought-provoking issue examines the hidden dimensions of politics, history and religion in a non-dogmatic manner.

You've got to love that.

The most used word in the article is "claimed" and that says a lot. I feel you can pick any paragraph in the article and create a Fallen scenario from it. That's quality writing. Enjoy.

The British Occult Secret Service

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