Ken and Robin Talk about stuff

inspiration: 2012-08-06 21:57 — c knutsson

If you are interested in contemporary rpg game design and cultural curiosity this new podcast is perfect for you — Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. This session with game designers and writers Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws was very inspiring and informative. Ken introduces his new rpg Night’s Black Agents, a spy thriller with vampires. Robin gives travel advise and I just added Sir John Soane’s Museum to my “must experience”-list. Don’t miss the last segment where Robin lets Ken loose as the Consulting Occultist where he walks very familiar O:FR ground talking about the The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Ken gives a brief history and analysis but also has time to compare early 20th century spiritual and occult leaders to game designers and LARP creators.

We at Fallen Publishing are really excited about this new podcast, let’s hope it will be a regular one. Thanks Ken and Robin.

Favourite quote: “…and of course like Adolf he regocnizes a good logo when he sees one…”

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