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inspiration: 2011-10-19 13:45 — c knutsson

We just created the O:FR Portrait Gallery. In this gallery you'll be able to download pictures to use for characters, npc or just for inspiration. All images are released with a creative commons license, share and share a like.

We have planned a gallery for a long time, but we got so inspired by Magnus Edlund's blog post. He graciously approved that we used his old photographs as reference for our first batch of pictures.

Right now we have only uploaded four pictures, but we'll add more as we make them. The idea is to produce these Character Portraits in a similar style and format so they can be used together. The visual style in it self is very easy and you can reproduce it yourself without much work. The easiest way is to base the outline on a photographic reference, so if you have a photograph that you would like to be "fallen-ized" just send it to us at christian@fallen.se. Please only send images that you have full ownership of and are OK for you to become a Creative Common image after our treatment.

You can find the Portrait Gallery under Story.

Love to hear your comments and thoughts about this

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Cool idea. I've rendered many in sepia, black and white and in coor, but red tones was nice. I must check it I can tweak a FilterForge Filter to create a similar effect from a photo or render, looks like fun.

2011-10-20. 21:36

Awesome! Alla skall bli NPCs!

2011-12-12. 11:58

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