Handbound edition

products: 2010-05-17 18:42 — c knutsson

We just released a special handbound edition of scenario no.3 Tennis, Terror and Tricky Birds. This 16-page booklet is of highest quality paper and sewn together with thread of silk. We are only making 40 of these, so get you numbered version now.

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I saw them at LINCON when I purchased my copy of the game, deliciously great looking I must say. But I didn't have the cash on me to get the T-Shirt and the module, just got the game.

2010-05-17. 17:04

Just ordered my copy. Hope there's still some left. Didn't see it until an hour after the release.

2010-05-17. 18:15

No worries Jesper, you got number 9. I don't expect these to sell out in an hour :). We only brought 5 copies to LinCon, not to sell out to many.

2010-05-17. 18:50

number 12 arrived safe and sound yesterday. a fine read :)

— lars
2010-05-26. 10:44

Very happy you enjoyed it!

2010-05-26. 17:34

You should be one copy shorter now, atleast I hope so. I haven't received any mail confirmation.

2010-05-31. 8:11

Good morning Axel, I have received your order and you got number 17. Will try to send this tomorrow. Enjoy.

2010-05-31. 8:17

Yay! So when will i be able to order scenario no.4? ;)

2010-05-31. 8:41

Got mine yesterday (together with the game). Very much enjoying it so far. Also, nice Stationery!

2010-06-04. 5:41

Great! And finally someone commenting on the stationery, maybe not the most important part of our products, but I love them.

2010-06-04. 6:45

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