Totte's Corner -- a collection of scenarios

products: 2013-05-10 20.58 — c knutsson

We are privaliged to present an extended series of scenarios written by Totte Alm. These are not official Fallen Publishing scenarios but the body of work and the level of fun gameplay is something that we feel honored to celebrate by making them more available to all O:FR fans.

Totte is a creative genious with many ongoing projects, go check out his website.

Go to the scenario collection

UPDATE May 12, 2013: All LINKS are now FIXED. Thanks for your patience.

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I think someone rolled Oh Dear!; the link to "the complete Totte collection" is broken.

2013-05-12. 17:47

That was me :) Fixed now, thanks for the feedback

2013-05-12. 18:31

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