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products: 2013-01-29 06.13 — m reidal

While our new realises has been scarce lately we have by no means been inactive. Right now we are working on a second edition. This edition will have more or less the same basic rules but we will add a lot of background material. There will be descriptions of social classes, living standards, states, languages, tech-levels etc. together with tons of ideas for new scenarios. There will also be more background material and company descriptions for the O:FR organisation. We hope to provide Game Masters and players with a very extensive feeling for life, politics and adventure in 1939 Europe.

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About when can we expect this? A couple months? A year? A millenia?

2013-02-03. 22:52

any news on when I can pick up the print version?

2013-08-08. 14:28

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