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products: 2012-08-08 16:31 — c knutsson

Three years ago we released our first products here at Fallen Publishing. We have been working to improve them everyday since. When we realized that we would actually be able to sell all of our 400 first copies of the Main Rulebook, we started to make plans for the next step. Should we print more of the same thing or should we improve? We feel it's time to improve the Main Rulebook but we also need to extend our reach as a roleplaying game publisher.

So we have been working hard a few months now to create the next edition of the O:FR Main Rulebook, the updates will focus on life in the world of the 1930's & 1940's, so more story from a historic point of view but more importantly adding the "Fallen" perspecitve to all this information. We will not focus on any changes to the rule system.

At the same time of creating this Main Rulebook version 2, we are also looking for partners for a worldwide distribution and production and we feel that we are in a good place with one specific publisher (more info to come).

All this said, the new version of the Main Rulebook will be released at earliest first part of 2013. We are working hard to get it to out to you but it will take some time. In the meanwhile we'll release more products and inspirational material here on This means that the current Main Rulebook is "out of print" not "out of stock", as you have seen we have started selling the rulebook in digital form but it will not be available for purchase in physical form again.

Thank you all who have purchased the first edition/first print run of the Operation: Fallen Reich Main Rulebook, you are great. To the rest of you, be sure to pick up version 2 in 2013.

UPDATE: Even though we have a plan for the upcoming version we are very interested about what you think we should add. We have been asking people at conventions and on email and that feedback is built into are plan. So any ideas are very welcome. Thanks.

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Great news! Am I correct in assuming that buyers of the updated version won't miss anything from the first? Besides the joy of seeing it on the shelf that is...

2012-08-08. 22:27

We have no plans of removing anything. We are looking at adding a lot of world and scenario material. Aiming at building upon the current book but adding chapters.

2012-08-09. 6:04

I think adding stuff is great. I would like to see a little more on "how" Fallens do act when they are confronted by the heroes, slain, when they try to possess people. Also, it would be great with some more information on "life in the dirty thirties" divided into sections like Britain, Europe, USA etc. Just some crunchy fluff to add flavor.

2012-10-02. 13:17

With the new version in mind, are you still interested in errata for the old version or is that mostly being rewritten anyway?

2012-10-13. 13:18

The rules for automatic weapon fire should be updated. Keep everything else, it's a nice system!

— Mordy
2012-12-09. 17:07

Thanks for the comment, Mordy. And you're absolutely true -- we need to update the rules for auto-fire.

2012-12-09. 17:20

I agree on Autofire, the only rule which is hard and makes the game pace stall to crawl every time someone pulls up an automatic firing gun.

2013-02-25. 10:26

Any updates on a release date for the updated version?

2013-08-12. 11:36

Sorry, William (and any one else wanting to know). We are working on a lot of things right now and I can't give you a release date. I know it has been a long time, but we are doing the best we can.

2013-08-12. 11:47

Any news on the sec. version?

— gunter
2014-01-10. 21:29

Really keen on getting my grubby hands on a new version of the rulebook. But, if you complete it, is there any chance of you producing a new version of (or more copies of) the life board?

2015-01-26. 20:43

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