Anyone For Tennis Teaser

products: 2010-01-19. 19.29 — c knutsson

Just wanted to drop a teaser on some upcoming O:FR material. We have been busy writing scenarios and soon an official Fallen Publishing scenario will be released here on

The title of this brand new scenario is Tennis, terror and tricky birds and is a perfect follow up to The Oldest Killer and Big Trouble In Little London.

But the future does not only hold exciting mysteries for the players, the time has come for you to know more about the Operation we know as Fallen Reich. In the next issue of Fenix we will kick-off our plan to brief you on the organisation of the operation, something you'll have to keep to yourself. Prepare to meet the people and the groups that makes up the smart and brave O:FR teams. We'll also start posting more on the organisation here on

And of course we are working on some plans for GothCon 2010, I'll brief you on this when we are ready.

Cheerio, I say, 2010 is going to be a brilliant year! Anyone for tennis?

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