Colourful Companies

products: 2010-04-30. 00:22 — A Andrews

We are so excited to present an small peek into the complex organisation of the actual Operation: Fallen Reich. Built upon independent companies with one central governing body these odd bands of characters make up a very special force of the empire, O:FR. Learn more about them in our Field Manual series presented by me, Doctor Archibald Andrews

In addition to adding campaign and setting inspiration this material also develops how you create characters and present O:FR to your players. So please read the introduction to the organisation before you immerse yourself in the specific companies.

For now we will leave you with a detailed account of the governing body of the Operation called The Central Library, and two of the companies (King' Cross Badminton Club & Rambouillet Owners Guild) with some details about their leaders and memorable missions.

More information will follow,
— Dr. Andrews

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Thanks, Archie. Always so informed and direct.

2010-04-29. 22:44

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