The Colorful Companies
of Operation: Fallen Reich

Each player may belong to a special company within the Operation: Fallen Reich and each company has a distinctive identity and are governed by peculiar commanders. It’s up to the Game Master to decide on the right company for the players.

This is the first part of the your guide to the — to say the least — Colourful Companies of Operation: Fallen Reich.


The organisation of Operation: Fallen Reich was formed when seven reliable and energetic persons were contacted by Aleister Crowley and Admiral Sanders by the order of Winston Churchill. These persons had substantial personal wealth and believed incorruptible. Three days later they gathered for a personal briefing on the state of affairs and were asked to serve in this operation — they all said yes.

With the exception of Lord Cunningham who received the not so enviable task of coordinating the rest — each one were to create an independent company of the organisation.

Seven companies, seven covert names

Each company was to be made up out of small groups of 10–15 members who were to act totally independent and at most only be aware of the existents of their own company. A covert name and false purpose was given to each company to make them less suspicious, several even had their own properties or offices connected to their false identity. The real purpose of this system remained somewhat blurry, and stories are still told of particularly drunken evening Colonel McGregors’ castle at St Abb’s Head. But our research confirms that the names and even the personalities of the companies came from the mind of each leader.

Very soon the agents of each company was given nicknames based on their companies covert names — which became even more popular then the names of the companies. Only a few months after the birth of the first six companies a seventh was created as the result of a successful misson.

Game mechanics:
Summary of Companies with skills

Characters that are finished on the Life Board can choose to take an intense two weeks course from the company chosen by the Game Master. It doesn’t have to be the same company of which the character will later be a member.

The player is given 2D6 Experience Points, these points should be applied to the skills listed with the chosen company. No more than two EP on each skill, and each mandatory must at least receive one EP.

Kings Cross Badminton Club

This is were a gentleman or a lady gets training in the noble art of espionage.
Skills: German, Shadowing, Stealth, Photography, Observation, Searching, Interrogation, Lock Pick, Acting/Disguise.
Mandatory: Clubs and Etiquette.

Rambouillet Owners Guild

Hardship, explosions and fist fights during a truly manly course.
Skills: Any Physical, Boxing, Auto fire, Rifle, Explosives, Skiing, Boats, Parachute, Swimming, First Aid, Tactics.
Mandatory: Riding and Endurance.

Wales Christian Brass Orchestra

A religious course with elements of fencing and a lot of music practice to keep the appearance.
Skills: Religion, Myths, History, Christian Rituals, Info Searching, Blades, Dodge, Aura, Greek, Latin, Reading/Writing.
Mandatory: 2 EP on instrument of choice.

Oxford’s Reserve Post Office

Heavy academic studies mixed with whatever Professor Woolsworth finds amusing.
Skills: Any Academic, Explosives, Cars, Motorcycles, Wrestling, Psychology, Shadowing, Searching, German.
Mandatory: None.

Exotic Game Travel Agency

This is all about finding the prey and putting it down as elegant and neat as possible.
Skills: Pistols, Tracking, Zoology, Observation, Animal Training, Searching, Endurance, Info Searching, Blades, Orientation, Any Language
Mandatory: Stealth and Rifles.

Circus Radii-Dali

The curricular of the circus is filled with lessons not taught anywhere else.
Skills: Sixth Sense, Stealth, Witchcraft Rutals, Darkt Rituals, Spiritualist Rituals, Charm, Acting/Disguise, Attractiveness, Courage.
Mandatory: Myths and Aura.

Gurniwal’s Home of Retired Veterans

The focus of this company is up to the Game Master to decide. Maybe the players are interested in creating their own company, or did they burn down the home during their first mission?

Undercover Operations Against Paranormal Opponents.
Part 1A: Organisation

Companies of OFR

Governing body of O:FR

The Central Library
Chief Librarian Lord Cunnighamn

The seven companies & their respective leaders

King's Cross Badminton Club — The Players
President Sir Percy Carmichael

Rambouillet Owners Guild — The Rams
Chairman Colonel Cassius “Charging” McGregor

Wales Christian Brass Orchestra — The Band
Director Bishop Charles Bishop

Oxford’s Reserve Post Office — The Mailmen
Superintendent Professor Eric Woolworth

Exotic Game Travel Agency — The Poachers
Managing Director Roger Hempher

Circus Radii-Dali — The Artists
Circus Director Lucifer Starfish

Gurniwal’s Home for Retired Veterans — The Veterans
Warden Doctor Margaret Murray

Companies of OFR