Gurniwal’s Home of Retired Veterans

The Veterans

Gurniwal’s Home of Retired Veterans

The focus of this company is up to the Game Master to decide. Maybe the players are interested in creating their own company, or did they burn down the home during their first mission?

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Undercover Operations Against Paranormal Opponents.
Part 2G:Gurniwal’s Home of Retired Veterans

Companies of OFR

Governing body of O:FR

The Central Library
Chief Librarian Lord Cunnighamn

The seven companies & their respective leaders

King's Cross Badminton Club — The Players
President Sir Percy Carmichael

Rambouillet Owners Guild — The Rams
Chairman Colonel Cassius “Charging” McGregor

Wales Christian Brass Orchestra — The Band
Director Bishop Charles Bishop

Oxford’s Reserve Post Office — The Mailmen
Superintendent Professor Eric Woolworth

Exotic Game Travel Agency — The Poachers
Managing Director Roger Hempher

Circus Radii-Dali — The Artists
Circus Director Lucifer Starfish

Gurniwal’s Home for Retired Veterans — The Veterans
Warden Doctor Margaret Murray

Companies of OFR