Circus Radii-Dali

The Artists

Circus Radii-Dali

The curricular of the circus is filled with lessons not taught anywhere else.
Skills: Sixth Sense, Stealth, Witchcraft Rutals, Darkt Rituals, Spiritualist Rituals, Charm, Acting/Disguise, Attractiveness, Courage.
Mandatory: Myths and Aura.

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Undercover Operations Against Paranormal Opponents.
Part 2F:Circus Radii-Dali

Companies of OFR

Governing body of O:FR

The Central Library
Chief Librarian Lord Cunnighamn

The seven companies & their respective leaders

King's Cross Badminton Club — The Players
President Sir Percy Carmichael

Rambouillet Owners Guild — The Rams
Chairman Colonel Cassius “Charging” McGregor

Wales Christian Brass Orchestra — The Band
Director Bishop Charles Bishop

Oxford’s Reserve Post Office — The Mailmen
Superintendent Professor Eric Woolworth

Exotic Game Travel Agency — The Poachers
Managing Director Roger Hempher

Circus Radii-Dali — The Artists
Circus Director Lucifer Starfish

Gurniwal’s Home for Retired Veterans — The Veterans
Warden Doctor Margaret Murray

Companies of OFR