Game Master Screen for sale

products: 2012-04-08 18:25 — c knutsson

Finally we can offer all of you the Operation: Fallen Reich Game Master Screen for sale here online. We have been using it at GothCon now and playing a few scenarios, it really adds to the atmosphere and keeps the game flowing smooth.

We have also updated our web shop, so don't be afraid if you don't recognize yourself. We have been planning to expand our product offer, so we need to take this step to be able to add more things soon.

Please report any issues with the new cart and order page. We still use PayPal as the payment solution in the end, so the major changes are on our side.

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Yes! Finally I can play with a real red fallen screen and let my Bond007 and Daredevils screens rest.

2012-04-17. 13:12

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