Meet us at Gothcon XXXIV

news: 2010-03-29 11:11 — m reidal

We are loading up for GothCon XXXIV, there will be lots of O:FR activity this Easter weekend, April 2—4.

Besides the scenario “Mord, mysterier och Midshirebor” there will be demo of the Life board, both in the cafeteria and in our small shop. In the shop we'll sell the game at a special GothCon-price and we'll also be offering, for the very first time, the chance for you to own an Operation: Fallen Reich t-shirt. (The tea cups are on order)

Until then — Keep calm and carry on

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My group and I will be there and we will play the scenario =) (if a GM has been assigned to our group that is) There's also a possibility that I will GM either "The oldest killer" or "Big trouble in little London" at the con if we can convince 1-3 extra players to join us^^

2010-03-29. 16:48

I want a t-shirt!!

— capt.
2010-03-29. 18:51

BTW how much will the rulebook/life board cost at the convention? A friend of mine wanted me to pick up the game for him.

2010-03-29. 19:40

The special "only at GothCon XXXIV"-price will be SEK 300 for the Main Rulebook, SEK 320 for the Life Board and SEK 600 for both of them. We'll see you at GothCon Björn, and I wouldn't worry about that game group, there will be a lot of extra players.

2010-03-30. 6:06

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