Last of the first LifeBoards

news: 2014-06-30 20.56 — c knutsson

The first print run of the LifeBoard has come to an end. We are about to ship the last two copies to customers in the USA. This means that the LifeBoards can no longer be ordered. Bon voyage!

If you wanted to pick one up we only have some very tattered copies left that might be for sale at upcoming events. We'll let you know our plans for future LifeBoards here and on our facebook page.

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I can't believe it. I just discovered this brilliant game an then the life board just went put of production... :( Any way to get hands on one of them?

2015-07-10. 22:15

Any chance this coming out as a PDF? Thanks.

2015-07-19. 6:35

not on facebook, but would like to give my "+1" for a new print run!

— lars
2015-09-21. 11:00

+1 on new print of the genius Life board! Efter tips på har jag just spenderat två timmar läsandes hur andra "rullat" fram rollpersoner.. Bara för att upptäcka att Life board gått ur print!! Finns det någon chans att det blir nytryck? Jag tror många missat detta genialiska verktyg!

2015-09-30. 5:47

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