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news: 2010-04-05. 13:57 — m reidal + c knutsson

Thank you all for a brilliant GothCon XXXIV. We had a fun time showing our game and it was great hearing all your thoughts. We are so keen on getting to work giving you even more of O:FR, but first a nice cuppa and some thoughts. Keep checking this site, use the RSS feed or join the Facebook group for more updates in the very near future.

We had a fun and busy time at GothCon XXXIV: demonstrating our Character Generating board game called the Life Board; some quick improve game sessions with newly generated characters; providing the first official O:FR merchandise — the ‘Can Evil Be Stopped In Time for Tea?’-t-shirt; and of course helping out game mastering the O:FR scenario at the convention: ‘Mord, Mysterier & Midshirebor’. Gunnar Söderberg at Rollspelsbaren did an excellent job — as ususal — on writing and planning the scenario, a jolly good thank you.

A soon as possible we'll update our Product section here on the site with the new merchandise(t-shirts and tea cups) and the scenario from the convention(only in swedish) for a free download.

Thanks to all the people trying out our game, thanks to all the other game developers at the convention it was very nice meeting you and a great salute to the GothCon staff for once again bringing us a convention with role playing games close to the heart. And good luck to Riotminds on their new (ad)venture.

— Mikael “Keep Calm” Reidal & Christian “Carry On” Knutsson

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Was fun meeting you guys again. I hope you managed to sell allot of games/merchandise . My group (myself incluced) had allot of fun when we played the scenario.

2010-04-05. 13:12

why do your names link to "the bomb"? i smell a conspiracy!

— lars
2010-04-05. 13:58

Björn: Thanks, nice meeting you again, see you at the next event. Lars: ...or just my stupidity, I wish there is an underlying conspiracy, but alas just a missing html-tag. Thank you Lars for all your help during the convention, and we love your input, keep 'em coming.

2010-04-05. 14:20

... and i wish i was at the convention. could there be an impostor about?

— lars
2010-04-05. 15:08

Haha, well you might have had your identity stolen but perhaps just a namesake. A nice gentleman named Lars helped us a lot this weekend.

2010-04-05. 15:56

we are a nice breed :)

— lars
2010-04-05. 15:58

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