Preparing for GothCon — Main Rulebook first edition out of stock

news: 2012-03-24 18:15 — c knutsson

We are busy preparing for GothCon XXXVI here in Göteborg during Easter. We will finally have a the O:FR Game Master Screen for sale at the convention and later here online, be sure to check out a preview here. On another note; except a few "print-misfits" of the Main Rulebook that we will be selling at the convention at a discount price the first edition is out of stock. Be aware that we are currently developing an new extended version.

If you are curious about the people behind Fallen Publishing be sure to check out the recently added About Fallen Publishing page in the footer.

We don't want to promise too much but we are also in development of a few mobile applications. Both tools for the game and also something more for entertainment purposes. More info regarding this will follow shortly.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

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