A Jolly Good convention!

news: 2011-05-02 21:57 — m reidal

Our very short summary of GothconXXXV:

As always Gothcon lived up to its promise of being the best Swedish role playing event of the year. For us it meant a big tournament with 44 teams playing the scenario/tournament Singapore Sling. We also introduced Major Burt Brownings weapon cards and sold a lot of them. (Both of them coming very soon to the webshop. -Editor)

Besides these planned events we also had the pleasure to meet one of our game designing idols: the awesome Kenneth Hite with games like Trail of Cthulhu in his massive portfolio. As you can see from the picture he really liked O:FR. (Beautiful t-shirt that one. -Editor).

A Jolly Good convention and we are all ready planning for next year.

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"soon" is about to expire for singapore sling in the webshop (not to mention "very")! getting restless over here :)

— lars
2011-06-30. 20:59

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